Aggregates are crushed stone, sand, and gravel used in construction. They are a key component in road building, and the main ingredient in concrete. Aggregates come from various sources, including sand and gravel quarries, hard rock quarries, and from dredging the sea bed using specialized fleet of ships.


Types of Quarry Products

10 mm Aggregates
20 mm Aggregates
40 mm Aggregates
Quarry Dust
6” x 9” Blocks


Bukit Tambun quarry – The site operation is situated in Bukit Tambun, 10km south of Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Due to its location and easy access to major highways, it is able to service the markets of central / southem Seberang Prai, Kedah , Perak and the Penang Island. This quarry has a high flexible 350 m/ Tonne per hour crushing plant capable of producing in the region of 80,000 m/ Tonne of aggregates per month to our customers required specifications.


Premix is an asphaltic concrete commonly used in the construction industry. To the general public its most visible application is on paved roads and airport runways. Premix is a general term describing a mixture of various stones sizes held together by a bitumen binder. Premix is produced as a hot, dry material which requires careful handling. Laying of premix is usually done through a paver machine. As the material cools its ultimate strength is achieved. Premix is often known by its other common name Asphalt


Types of Asphaltic

ACW – Asphaltic Concrete Wearing
BMW – Bituminous Macadam Wearing
BML – Bituminous Macadam Layer



ACB – Asphaltic Concrete Basecourse
BMB – Bituminous Macadam Basecourse



BMR - Bituminous Macadam Roadbase


Area Of Use

Roads & Highways
Foot Paths & Walkways
Shopping Complexes
Car parks
Bridge Decks
Industrial Manufacturing Units
Airport Runways
Dock Freight Handling Areas

Supplier Of Quarry Materials And Premix

Located In Bukit Tambun, Penang